Dear Friends
Imagine a time when there was no Eruv, when learning for women was rare, when the Tisha b’Av afternoon programme did not exist and modern Orthodoxy was not in the mainstream, when Nach was generally not taught to adults and full support for the State of Israel was under wraps amongst Orthodoxy – that all took place P.R.A.R.V.K.
P.R.A.R.V.K ? Pre Rabbi Alan & Rebbetzen Via Kimche !
They had dreams and turned them into reality.
Over the course of thirty five years, the Rav and Rebbetzen have changed the landscape of Anglo Jewry and things which seemed impossible are now enthusiastically embraced. Not on their own, of course, but with support, help and guidance from their community, friends and fellow Rabbonim and Dayanim.
All of this was achieved whilst the Ner community has remained united and broiges free; no mean feat.
Following the recent retirement of the Rav and Rebbetzen we will honour their 35 years of leadership with a Gala Dinner in a Central London venue on 14 May 2019.
Ner Yisrael invites not just its members, but the whole NW London community and those further afield , who have benefitted from time spent learning with the Rav & Rebbetzen and enjoying the fruits of their magnificent wider communal achievements.
There is a suggested voluntary donation of £125 per person (£75 for Netzach members only) and no appeal on the evening. There is a brochure. All details can be found on this website.
Profits from the dinner are part of the testimonial for our Rav and Rebbetzen and we hope you can join us.
Thank you

Sharon & Daniel Baum
Chairpersons (and husband and wife!)